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The First 100 Years audio walking tour tells the Hollywood Bowl’s history in relationship to the ground it sits on—from Highland Avenue to the back benches, from 1922 to today. Hear incredible-but-true stories, unearthed through dozens of in-depth interviews and countless hours spent digging through the Bowl’s archive as well as collections all across Southern California. Start your tour now by choosing a location from this website's navigation. Each episode comes with a location map, archival images, and more!

Join us at the Hollywood Bowl this summer as we bring its spectacular first century to life through concerts paying tribute to artists of the past, a free day-long festival, a centennial book sharing never before seen stories and photos, a gorgeous vinyl box set, and so much more.


By LA Phil

Also in podcast form, The First 100 Years is available for free on all major podcasting platforms. All 10 episodes are available now.

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